About us

The Chasse au Trésor à Orléans ( Tresor hunt in Orléans) is an original idea of Marjorie Leloire. Marjorie launched this game at end of March 2019.

Marjorie graduated from the École nationale supérieure de Chimie in Montpellier. During her studies, she experienced the creation of a business in the form of a project. This experience inspires her and she decides that she will start her own business, when the time comes. Originally from the Hauts de France, and after several trips to different countries, Marjorie returns to France. She moves to Orléans where she falls in love with the charm of this city. For 3 years, she works as an employee before leaving her company to become the creator of this treasure hunt in Orléans. La Chasse au TrésOrléans links both her love for the city of Orléans and her love for the “Escape games” and other investigative games.

She would like to thank all the people without whom this project would not have been possible: Edouard, her companion, and Rémi are the people who made the seed germinate. Then Julie (her site) and Anthony, her brother, and finally, all my family and friends who believe in her.
She also thank Jean Claude Lombard, author of “Orléans, Hier et Aujourd’hui”. Through his meticulous work, he allowed her to enrich the roadmap!

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